my rescuer :-)

we are all moved and settling into our home...which I promise I will update more on later...and even put some pics....but i HAD to put this in so I wouldn't forget it.

This has been a usual morning in the Chambers home. Tobin and Josiah up, fed, diapers changed, dressed and playing in their room. It has also been an unusual morning in the fact that Tobin hasn't been as nice to Josiah as he has been for awhile now. So, I have had to been more firm with him this morning then in long time. It has been tough having to be on his behavior all morning. Quite exhausting, actually. Anyway, to the story.

I was busying my self straightening up the boys room while they played. Picking up clothes, opening the blinds, straightening beds. Then I went to take diapers outside to the trash. As I walked out the door, I noticed, that it had closed all the way. So I dump the diapers in the trash and turn around to go inside but the door is locked. The boys are in the house, my cell phone and my keys. For a split second, I panic. Then I start knocking on the door. But realizing that the boys have no clue that I even walked outside, won't know that I can't answer it. So I run around to the side of the house, thankful that I had opened the blinds a few minutes before. The sun is so strong I can only see Josiahs face - smiling big smiles and saying 'Mama ous' (which is his word for outside). So I yell to Tobin, not knowing if he is even still in the room. I told him that I locked myself out and I need him to come let me in. With no acknowledgement that he even heard me, I head back to the front door and begin knocking. In a few moments, I see him walk through the dining room door into the living room. I told him to open the door in which he immediately begins trying his hardest to do but being just a little too short, can't accomplish the task. So, I told him to go get his chair in the dining room....off he goes, comes back dragging his blue chair behind him and straight to the door. He then proceeds to climb up and wrestle with the door knob. It takes him a few moments but he accomplishes the task set before him. TOBIN is my RESCUER!!

I was so proud that he stuck with the task and didn't become sidetracked or decide not to obey. It thrilled my heart so!


jana said...


Glad you got back in ok--and that your little boy helped you! That's pretty cool!

Can't wait to see pics of the HOUSE!

heidi said...

That is sooo sweet. What a reward of parenting! :)

Desi said...

awwwwwwww yay