a short conversation

ok, this conversation between Josiah and Tobin JUST happened 2 minutes ago.

We live near some railroad tracks and hear trains go by all the time. Although, none has been by recently. But I guess this is just what Josiah was thinking on.

Josiah is standing at the window in the office.

Josiah: Bye train Bye! (repeatedly for a couple minutes)

In comes Tobin. He listens for a second then says to Josiah.

Tobin: The train isn't going bye bye it's not at Java J's (because after the train goes near our house, it passes by Java J's and vice versa, so Tobin has it all figured out)

Josiah: bye bye...

Tobin: We aren't going bye bye right now and the train isn't going anywhere Siah

I just enjoy my children being able to have a conversation with each other! It's such a delight!


Susanna Rose said...

So cute! I love how your older son calls his little brother "Siah." I can't wait to experience the more entertaining elements of being a parent...and I'll have to make sure I record conversations as well!!

Susanna Rose said...

Wow...due tomorrow?! How exciting...I hope you don't have to wait too long and that everything goes smoothly! I hope you'll post pictures of your little one when you can!