Joys of Motherhood

I guess it is time again that I should post. I've been delaying for lack of writing. I mean...there are tons of things I should write about. Like, the way Tobin gathers his little farm animals and puts them in their 'pin', taking great care to make sure each one is standing upright and not wobbly and just as he has finished with the last one, screams out 'SIAH, NO!!!'. To which, I look over and see Josiah crawling straight for this little 'pin' of animals and one proud owner protecting his livestock. I tell Tobin that it will be ok and go and redirect Josiahs attention away from the beloved plastic animals.... Tobin is loving playing these days and has become quite a content little boy. It's so much fun!! Josiah on the other hand has recently become my high maintenance child. The one who I thought was going to be a breeze...haha...this little guy loves his mommy and doesn't like much else. So I spend most my days trying to get him to walk...he would much rather crawl or be carried...and interested in something on the floor. So I can rest, oh, for just a minute. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Now, it's a good thing it's the joys of motherhood and not the happiness of motherhood. For joy is something in the heart and happiness is based on surroundings and feelings. Any mother will know this is true. Not all days or times are happy, but they can be joyful. I have so much to be joyful for, my heart still cannot understand what time of life this is...it's truly amazing and stressing and stretching and fun and tiresome. But oh so worth all of the ups and the downs. What a responsiblity to be a parent. I want to think of it some...but not too much...it's BIG. I'm so thankful that I can glean wisdom from God's Word and from others who have walked thru this before me. I'm so glad that God made us for relationship...with Him and with others. It is so good and refreshing to have friends and those that understand us and love us. To know that we are worth something. Cause, as a mom, I sure do spend a lot of time making sure that my boys know they are loved, understood and worth something. I hope and pray that God will use me to show just a glimpse of His love for them! What tender hearts, innocent and pure. May God keep them!


skypilotjourneyman said...

Ok, so, I'm starting to feel REALLY left out. I have multiple posts on my blog about how wonderful my WIFE is :) - and, I love my boys and all, but c'mon now...what about the joys of WIFE-HOOD?

/but the midgets are pretty awesome :)

Anonymous said...

I agree...motherhood and "wife-hood" are both great!