Life is not wreckage to be saved out of this world but an investment to be used in the world. (Streams in the Desert, pg 296)

Doesn't that shed a whole new purpose on life? We aren't just a bunch of nobodies. We are wanted and needed. Our lives, everyones, means something.

An investment...doesn't that mean you have to give a little bit of something? or stretch something just a bit...I'll look up the real defination...from dictionary.com

  1. Property or another possession acquired for future financial return or benefit.
  2. A commitment, as of time or support.
Hmm...so I guess that quote could be used in a couple different ways. One, being that Christ invested in us, he conquered death, so that he could benefit us (offering eternal life) and we could benefit Him (living our lives for Him because of His sacrifice). And since He did die for us...our investment to this world would be to tell of it.

WE have a purpose for life and it's not for ourselves. It's strickly living for others. So there's the second defination and use of that quote. A commitment to others. I think that is what everyone needs...someone they know is commited to them...with their time and support and encouragement. And I far as I know, this is a stretch...even for people who love to help others, but especially in our society today when everyone is so focused on their own home and lives and what has to be accomplished to get what they need done, done. So it is a stretching and giving, beyond ourselves.

Wow...what an incredible place this would be if everyone lived with the other person in mind. If we looked at other people as investments instead of ourselves or our lives or our things.

Ok, so in relation to my blog the other day. I think that is where my heart gets mixed up. I don't think of the people in my life (and even those not directly in it) as investments. Or at least, I don't live like they are investments. I think that if I can really ask God to help me view people as investments in the world. Then my life will be a completely free and wonderful thing!


Jana said...

an interesting way to look at life--and people. Thanks for the challenge to view people God has blessed me with as something worth my effort, for His glory!

Anonymous said...

Very useful Jordana, I can use what you've got here on thoughts as well as your other stuff for the research we're doing for What is important to me. Cheers, Anny.