Trying to think of something to post. I'm sitting here all alone. My beautiful boys are sleeping peacefully and my DH is on his way home from Nashville. It's been a tiring weekend without him here. I almost feel as if yesterday didn't end and just continued into today which is continuing into tonight. We did have a bit of break this afternoon at a cousin's birthday at the lake. It was a really hot day and the water was soooo refreshing! Ahh... It's so much fun to see my boys having fun! Tobin's favorite thing to do is sit at the water's edge and throw rocks in the water as the wake comes crashing into him at the shoreline.
He is becoming more aware of what is happening around him...always has been somewhat...but now fears are starting to come up. It's hard to see him afraid of something...we acknowledge it is real and help him work thru it by showing him there is nothing to be afraid of and praying for him and with him. I keep telling him that Jesus loves him, even so much more than Mommy and Daddy do and that He will keep him safe. I don't want him to be careless about anything but I don't want him to be bogged down by fear either. My prayer is for wisdom in how to handle this, to help him work thru it quickly and well and to know he CAN trust Jesus, even if he doesn't fully understand it yet.
Faith like a child. How simple and unbinding. Sometimes, all the time, actually, I need to trust God more like Tobin and Josiah trust me. They take to heart what I say and learn from it. They aren't afraid to be themselves, no matter how good, bad or ugly they may act. Yet, they know my love for them will never change. They trust that I will always be there for them, in the good and in the hard situations. They know that disicipline comes when they are not obedient. They will eventually get to asking questions, but not yet. What a picture of how we can be with God. So pure, so right. How much God wants all of our relationships to be that way with him. He wants us to be us, who He created us to be, simple, trusting and unbinded.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie!
I love reading your blog. This is so neat. You do a great job expressing yourself and your commentary is inspiring! Thanks for blessing me!
Your affirmation in Tobin not being afraid is working. Tonight at Java J"s, as it was sort of dark, he kept repeating to me, "nothing to be afraid of, it's ok." I wondered where that came from. You, your man and the little sweeties are life to me!!
I love you,

Jana said...

Good reminder---faith like a child. :)