take 2

Ok...so I typed up a short post...hit the preview link and then the back arrow to edit something...and of course...lost the whole post. AGH!!

I was saying I've been stuck in the web with all the cloth diaper info out there. Very stuck, you might say, as it's been 3 days since my last post. Everytime I would sit down to the computer those saved links would beckon me to search their pages! Alas, nothing has come out of it yet, as my head is full with the numerous items one can purchase for cloth diapering. One day soon, at least that's my plan, I'll know what diapers to purchase for trial!

I really am quite excited about this prospect. Taking me back to the years that I wanted to grow up during the prairie days of this country! :-) I think I always knew that the natural way of living was for me.

We'll have to see where it leads to next! but for now....Goodnight!


Mattyc said...

Hey babe...just a reminder that I don't have any clean cloth diapers. :)

/what a nightmare
//love you babe :)
///I like slashes

Jordana said...

Oh and yes you do...they are in the dryer! haha...i love you too! :-)